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Dedication, professionalism and quality people are what we believe in. The continued success of our company is dependent upon recruitment and retention. LaSalle employs people with various levels of experience and diverse backgrounds.

If you believe to have the same values and currently seeking employment, please click below to view our available job listings. We would love to hear from you.


Correctional Officer

Jonesboro, LA

This is a good job that offers good benefits. What I have noticed is people tend to help you out and offer their advice to do your job and how to work your job effectively. 

Correctional Officer

Sierra Blanca, TX

I have worked for Lasalle Corrections and I enjoyed my time being there. The pay and the benefits are great. Administration and staff are very friendly.

Security Supervisor


I've worked for LaSalle Management since 2006, and enjoy my job. The pay is pretty good for this area, and the staff here are like family. This company believes in taking care of it's employees!

Corrections Officer

Bonham, TX

It’s not fair to judge a job by it’s environment. It’s corrections, which means it’s not for everyone. If you enjoy it, then this could be a great place to get your foot in the door, or have a career here. It’s been a great place for me since day one. It’s had it’s up and downs, but you have will always have those at any job.

Former Correctional Officer

Cleburne, TX

I loved working for this company. If they were in Colorado I would definitely reapply! Everyone there was great and I loved all my supervisors.

Correctional Sergeant

Bonham, TX

Not a whole lot of complaints from me. Worked here for almost five years and been through three different companies. This seems to be the most enjoyable one that actually cares about their employees and not just a paycheck.

Correctional Officer

West, TX

Learned a lot.  Great defensive tactic instructors. Learned a lot as far as srt team goes. The most important part of working there is being security-minded at all times.


Fort Worth, TX

This company is fairly new to me but its a place where I have grown. The work environment I work in is physical at times but also rewarding when there is downtime, it's a great place to work.


Bonham, TX

Employed since 2015 and I have thoroughly enjoyed my position at LaSalle Corrections. LaSalle Corrections has a mission that is extremely difficult and dangerous, but necessary in our society. People are really quick to judge, but few would last a week in the industry, nor would they be willing to work in the environment. Management has been fair and competent, especially Warden Wilson and Assistant Warden Page.

Classification Booking CPL Officer

Olla, LA

You have your good and bad in everything. The good qualities out number the bad by far. I really love my job. The job can get busy at times but it makes your day challenging. The staff and co-workers are friendly and enjoyable to work with. It is a safe environment as well.

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